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Connect you with helpful neighbours to solve your everyday problems.

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Around Neighbours is your home concierge. When you need help in your everyday household problem, we will find you some helpful neighbours and good helpers. Problem solved!


Elderly Escort

Need someone to take your parent to a medical appointment? An escort worker can help.

Part-Time Cleaner

Need to clean? Need help today? Find a cleaner straight away.

Private Tutor

Looking for help before a test? A tutor near you can take the pressure off your chest.


Locked out of your own apartment? Find an expert from the unlocking department.


Water, water go away, the plumber is here to save the day.

Home and Appliances Repair

Something broken in your place? See if it can be fixed, no need to replace.

Ask Alfred

Need some other advice? Ask Alfred, he’s nice.


Besides Alfred, your home concierge, can lend you a hand, your neighbours could also give you the most needed help at the right moment. You can place your post on one of the two boards in the App and start communicating with neighbours from your district or your same estate.

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Eastern District
District Board

Create a post on the district board if you want to reach out to the people living in your district. We've made 18 district boards, one for every district in Hong Kong.

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City Garden
Estate Board

Post on the Estate Board if you only want to reach out to the people living in the same estate or building. Some information are only relevant to the people who live in the same estate.

District Board and Estate Board

Examples of the board

Screenshot of Example Post
Screenshot of Example Post
Screenshot of Example Post
Screenshot of Example Post
Screenshot of Example Post
Screenshot of Example Post

Your privacy is important to us

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Security and privacy

Most social networks only require you to register using an email address, but this means that anyone can register from anywhere. Around Neighbours requires users to register using their residential address*, so that we can grant access to people who actually live in the estate they say they live in. In order to communicate with your real neighbours, we need to verify your address.

* If you are not comfortable to use your residential address, you can still get access to the community's open District Board but you will not be able to view your estate's private Neighbour Board.

We believe in good deeds

We believe that many wonderful things can happen in a close neighbourhood. If you want to use our platform to organize some meaningful activities for your community, we are very happy to help and make it happen with you.


What is Around Neighbours?

Around neighbours is a mobile app that serves you like a smart home concierge. By connecting you with your neighbourhood, it helps you find the solutions to your everyday household promblems.

What can I do on Around Neighbours?

When you need someone to help you take care of your home and family, you can use Around Neighbours to find services like elderly clinic escort and part-time cleaning. You can post a notice to buy/sell items and exchange information like a physical notice board at supermarkets or estate lobbies.

How do I connect with service helpers and neighbours?

Our app has a built-in instant messaging feature which makes communicating with others very easy.

Why do I need to select my district when I sign up?

We want to find you the right help near you, so it helps us to narrow down the search by selecting your district.

How much does it cost?

Free, nada, zilch! Around Neighbours app is now free for downloading and signing up.

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